Euro Flowmore Co. Ltd.
The centrifugal pump provided by Euro Flowmore Co. Ltd. can work as water transfer & removal pump, irrigation pump, circulation pump, boiler pump, booster pump, sewage pump,etc.. It is widely used in fields like mining, residential, chemical processing, commercial building, agriculture, oil & gas and other industrial utilities.
  • Mining IndustryMining IndustryOctober 30, 2017Mining, driven by demand for profitability, efficiency and capacity maximization, is one of the most demanding industrial environments in the world today. Then, in such a competitive field, the effici...MORE
  • MarineMarineSeptember 12, 2017Pump is a kind of hydraulic machinery which is widely used on ships. It is driven by the original motive (usually motor) and then the mechanical energy is converted into liquid pressure energy, potent...MORE
  • MunicipalMunicipalSeptember 12, 2017Municipal facilities refer to the urban district, town (township) within the scope of planning and construction, based on the government responsibility and the duty to provide residents with paid or u...MORE
  • HVACHVACSeptember 12, 2017The water pump in air conditioning is the equipment that provides the power for the whole circulating water system. It consumes up to 20 percent of the whole energy in air conditioning. So the reasona...MORE
  • Pharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical IndustrySeptember 12, 2017Demand for pumps in pharmaceutical industryThe pharmaceutical industry is a high-tech industrial group with advanced technology and means. It concerns national health, social stability, and economic d...MORE
  • Food & Beverage IndustryFood & Beverage IndustrySeptember 12, 2017Functions of Pump in Food Processing IndustryPumps are mostly used in industrial production. In fact, pump also plays a significant role in the food industry. Pump is a basic part of the food manufact...MORE
  • ResidentialResidentialSeptember 12, 2017In the various family and residential pipeline systems, it is often affected by various terrain conditions. In the event of a site that needs to be raised or landfilled, a flexible, installed and dive...MORE
  • Chemical ProcessingChemical ProcessingSeptember 12, 2017Pump is a kind of machine used for conveying liquid and improving pressure. Chemical pump is a special requirement to chemical industry production:(1) Meet the needs of chemical process.(2) High and l...MORE
  • Power GenerationPower GenerationSeptember 12, 2017Pump is a very important auxiliary equipment for a power plant. It has a wide application in all parts of the power plant. Feed pump, circulating pump, condensate pump, ash pump, oil pump, etc., these...MORE
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