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Comparison among Self-suction Pump and Centrifugal Pump, Submersible Pump and Sump Pump

The principle of self-suction pump, it selects the common patent impeller and the disentangle disc to complete the suction process. Its shape, volume, component, power are similar with the pipeline pump. The vertical self-suction pump do not need the bottom valve, vacuum valve, gas separation device and other auxiliary equipment. It does not need any filling at normal start-up, and has a strong self suction capacity. It can replace the widely used sump pump (low liquid delivery pump), it can be used as circulating pump, tank truck delivery pump, self-pipette pump, motor pump, etc.

The centrifugal pump:

When the centrifugal pump is transporting liquid, when the liquid level is lower, it is necessary to pump for water. So, the bottom valve of the pump inlet should be installed. For a long time, the bottom valve is corroded or jammed, and it needs to be interchangeable or patched, so it is very inconvenient to use.

The submersible pump:

The submersible pumps are usually used to transport clear water and river water, and the transportation of acid and alkali and other corrosive liquid, it is prone to motor corrosion and leakage phenomenon, it is very unsafe. When the pump is blocked by garbage, it is necessary to pull the pump to tidy up. This is very inconvenient, so it is seldom used in practice.

The sump pump:

The lower delivery of the pump was handled by the pump. But because of the selection of long axis, and the impeller has unbalanced radial force, the whole axis is the cantilever structure, which causes a lot of deflection in the end of the impeller. The longer the axis, the greater the deflection. In order to deal with this problem, a bearing is installed on the shaft. But because the whole axis is flexible, the bearing is subjected to continuous wear and tear. When the bearing moves violently and the speed of wear accelerates, the damage frequency of the sump pump is higher. And the shaft should not be too long, usually within 2 meters. The bearing of the sump pump is cooled and smooth by means of the medium of the pump. If the pump medium does not refrigerate and smooth the bearings (which occur when the air pump is blocked and the inlet is blocked), it will burn the motor. It is very difficult to repair the pump. Especially in the delivery of corrosive media, it is difficult to complete without lifting.

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